Environmental Social Governance

Humanity has responsibility to itself and nature to leverage and implement technology to responsibly meet our basic needs, while providing access to the arts, learning, business, and wellness. With this freedom we can make more time to be creative and entrepreneurial together, supporting the freedom to pursue a life well lived.

Introduction to ESG

We promote a path to a carbon-neutral economy that supports equal opportunity of outcome with local access to basic needs, modern infrastructure, and modern technology. We believe competitive economic zones in and around Stitch ecosystems will maximize circular socio-economic benefits locally while fostering a broader stable and resilient macroscopic circular-economic ecosystem.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

We believe humanity has responsibility to itself and nature to leverage and implement technology to responsibly meet our basic needs through a circular economy that provides local access to the arts, learning, business, and wellness amenities.

A Way of Life

Stitch sources 66% of our energy from renewables, targeting 85%+ in 2023. We compost our food, and engage with our communities.

Equal Opportunity

We always chose our partners based on their professional merit and capability, and some of our closest partners are minority owned businesses.

Energy Transition

Part of energy transition is in transitioning a skilled workforce. We are successfully working with oil and gas contractors to build renewable projects.

Competitive Economic Zones

Distributed and connected competitive economic zones aim to mimic the resiliency of the natural world to provide security for people and communities around the globe.

News Highlights

Building the future of Sustainable Infrastructure

January 1, 2022 marks the official creation of Stitch Solutions, the infrastructure solutions company of Stitch Humanity. Stitch Humanity is proud to introduce new partners in this endeavor who are committed to advancing the Stitch Humanity mission of sustainable, resilient and connected communities by driving Stitch Solutions’ complimentary mission to deliver turn-key solutions for projects focused on renewable energy, sustainability and resilience.

Press & Updates
Jan. 1, 2022

First Stitch-Led Solar EPC energized

We are excited to report the mechanical completion of our first Stitch Solutions led 50MW Solar EPC. As part of energy transformation, Stitch is helping support traditional energy-infrastructure craft into renewables. Together with a strategic construction partner from the traditional energy market, this first utility-scale solar EPC project was completed to specification, and on schedule.

Press & Updates
Jan. 1, 2023
Interested in learning more?

At Stitch, we are not focused on solving problems by ourselves, so reach out if you have an interest in working with us to deliver your goals, or to help us deliver ours.  We are always looking for opportunities to expand our partnerships, network, and team to deliver mutually-aligned goals and objectives.