We support the Stitch vision by building the projects that support regenerative communities. We have a strong focus in advancing renewable energy, energy storage, and electrification projects and are working heavily with industry leaders to actively develop and deliver installed utility scale projects.

Stitch is focused on the success of the project and acts to balance and facilitate Owner, Contractor & Project needs. Our experience executing a wide array of project types from development through design, construction, commissioning, and operations enables us to innovate and drive real-time solutions while considering the big-picture, resulting in installed projects and successful portfolios.

Introduction to Stitch Solutions

Our clients and partners value experience, responsiveness, and collaboration. They know we consistently deliver projects to a high standard of professional excellence.

Stitch Solutions is led by principals formerly holding executive roles with Developers, Service Companies, and EPC Contractors. They bring decades of experience developing, engineering, and constructing renewable energy, energy storage, and electric transmission and distribution projects across the USA and internationally. We have interconnection experience with many of the major electric utility companies and balancing authorities including CAISO, ERCOT, PJM, NYISO, ISONE, PJM, and MISO.

We support a wide array of project types for developers and contractors from development through construction and commissioning. of solar enabling us to innovate and drive real-time solutions while still considering the big-picture, resulting in installed projects.


Stitch is supporting energy transformation in multiple markets by driving projects and innovation that advance alternative energy, energy storage, and electrification projects.

Utility Scale Solar

Solar facility projects for utility scale applications generally requiring a large generator interconnection agreement (LGIA).

Utility Scale BESS

Battery energy storage system projects for utility scale applications generally requiring a large generator interconnection agreement (LGIA). Standalone grid connected systems and combined with generating assets.


Solar and energy storage for distributed energy resources, commercial and industrial projects. Generally small generator interconnections agreements (SGIA) and/or behind the meter.

Emerging Technologies

Hydrogen; Microgrid applications; Multiple technology integration; New technology integration; and alternative energy use cases.

Services and Capabilities

We focus on applying the principles of Quality, Responsiveness, Accountability, and Collaboration to deliver projects, programs, and initiatives from inception though operation.

Advisory & Consulting

Supporting Owners and Developers as an extension of your development, technical, commercial, and operations teams to deliver successful project and commercial outcomes.

Engineering & Design

Value Engineering, Development Engineering, Detailed Design, Construction Support

Supply Chain Management & Forecasting

Strategic sourcing and purchasing, Supplier qualifications and due diligence, contracts and frameworks, Logistics, and Risk mitigation.

Construction & Construction Management

Logistics Strategies to Support Changing Trade Environment, Construction Sequencing, Schedule Optimization and Cost/Risk Reduction, Project Monitoring, Technical SME.

What Makes Us Different

Stitch is about being a part of a community that stands for something more than just grow. We are motivated to be a valued partner that advances our mutual goals in support of a more resilient and sustainable future.

We understand the internal processes, risks, and contracting strategies of Developers, IPPs, and EPCs which allows us to help identify the common goals of all stakeholders to deliver solutions collectively and consistently.

We are focused on driving positive outcomes for our clients, leading to installed projects. We selectively seek partnerships with companies whose goals, mission, and culture align with our own to foster a ‘one-team’ concept with our clients and partners with us acting as a seamless extension to the team. This mindset facilitates our mission to drive successful projects through teamwork and innovation while minimizing risk and uncertainties.

Our Work


Stitch Solutions engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services support for a utility-scale solar project composed of approximately 102,000 thin-film 460 and 465W photovoltaic (PV) modules.  The project utilizing a horizontal single-axis tracking system. The solar PV project utilizes central inverters, which are tied into the local utility at the 25 kV level.


Our mission is to be a valued partner on your projects to advance our mutual goals and enhance your team. Stitch knows how to de-risk projects, manage through transitions, and be an experienced advisor to deliver turnkey solutions and support across the value stream of infrastructure projects.

20+ GW

Renewable Experience

6.5 GW

Solar Experience

1 GW

Storage Experience

90 Years

Industry Experience

40 Years

Renewables Experience

The Stitch Community

Stitch is not about solving all the world’s problems all by itself.  We have partnered with best in class companies that share our values of quality, responsiveness, accountability and collaboration to deliver complex and turn key solutions together under Stitch leadership, experience, and process.

Interested in learning more?

At Stitch, we are not focused on solving problems by ourselves, so reach out if you have an interest in working with us to deliver your goals, or to help us deliver ours.  We are always looking for opportunities to expand our partnerships, network, and team to deliver mutually-aligned goals and objectives.