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Houston, Texas – December 7th, 2023. We are thrilled to announce the award of three Solar
Construction Projects for a Prominent Energy Company totaling approximately 27MWdc.

Trident EPC and Stitch Solutions, in a joint partnership dedicated to delivering energy infrastructure
projects in North America by providing Engineering, Procurement and Construction for turnkey projects
in Renewable Energy, including Solar, Battery Storage, Hydrogen, Carbon Recapture, Biofuel to CHP, are
excited to announce their pivotal role in the award and executing of three photovoltaic construction
projects across the central United States. These projects represent a significant stride in our
commitment to sustainable practices, our dedication to energy transition, and our contribution to a
greener future.

These projects underscore our commitment to environmental sustainability. These projects will help
reduce reliance on fossil fuels, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to a more sustainable
energy landscape as well as supporting our client’s goal of advancing low carbon energy availability.
Trident and Stitch are proud to bring their expertise to the table and collaborate with the Client and
other esteemed partners in the solar industry to ensure the successful implementation of these
projects. We will uphold the highest standards of environmental sustainability, safety, and quality
throughout the construction process.

“Trident is honored to take the lead on these solar construction projects, showcasing our commitment
to sustainable energy solutions,” said Scott Hodges, President of Trident EPC. “These initiatives reflect
our dedication to environmental stewardship and innovation. We are confident that our work on these
projects will contribute significantly to the green energy landscape.”

The solar construction projects are scheduled to commence this year, with completion anticipated by
Q4, 2024.

“In an era where energy diversification is of paramount importance, we are proud to be entrusted with
these three solar projects that support the transition to clean energy sources and align with our
dedication to corporate responsibility.” said Mike Tomadakis, Founder of Stitch Humanity.

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